We Know the Hospitality Industry

Scotto & Melchiorre Group is a proud member of the New York State Restaurant Association, the New York City Hospitality Alliance and the National Restaurant Association.  We work with numerous restaurants throughout New York City, Long Island and the surrounding areas and understand the necessity for timely and accurate information in a highly competitive industry.

Specialized services for hospitality operations:

  • Customizable Management Reporting
  • Virtual Back Office Management
  • Compliance and Regulatory Assistance
  • Sales Tax Remittance
  • Point of Sale (POS) Consulting
  • Tipped Employee Regulations
  • Theft Prevention
  • Accounting Payable and Bill Pay
  • Vendor Term Negotiations

We provide oversight of industry profitability standards:

  • Food Cost Analysis
  • Beverage Cost Analysis
  • Prime Cost Analysis
  • Payroll and Benefit Cost Analysis
  • Square Footage and Average Table Cost
  • Rent and Occupancy Cost
  • Cash Flow Management and Budget Report

"It is not always easy to trust someone with your money - I highly recommend Scott and Melchiorre!"

-Rebecca L

While this is just an overview of some of the services we can provide, the solutions we can offer your restaurant or facility are boundless.
Our goal is to increase your profitability while letting you do what you do best: manage your front of the house, run your kitchen, bake, bartend or a little of everything!
We’ll show you how to refine the numbers so you can keep doing what you love.