Scotto & Melchiorre Group LLC provides innovative tax and accounting services to diverse businesses and individuals. We pride ourselves on the partnership attitude we maintain with every engagement we undertake. Our philosophy is to focus on building long-term, high quality client relationships by working with you to grow your assets and providing you with a professional team to keep you on track, properly manage your expectations, and achieve your goals. Together, we can create a strategic partnership which grows on the foundation of trust. As a valued client, your mission is our motivation. Applying skills and knowledge, we act as a vital resource to improve weaker areas and devise structured plans to be implemented with care and attention to detail.  Working as a tight knit team, we are proud to make our clients’ goals our own and assist in unlocking their true potential.


Scotto & Melchiorre Group LLC works closely to bring out the best of our clients’ businesses by concentrating our efforts on each individual clients’ specific needs. We have extensive, and proven experience in several industries and our superior knowledge and background has built a powerful resource that we use to the advantage of each of our clients and their unique trades. We eagerly use each client experience to further expand our professional horizons and become more efficient and effective for our clients, current and future.


Scotto & Melchiorre Group LLC offers a wide range of hands-on services provided by our specialists that will ensure the smooth running of optimized operations, for a variety of businesses.

We believe that the key to success is through the foundation of well-organized financial records. Our qualified staff can assist you with the day-to-day tasks that are associated with bookkeeping; meaningful write-ups and financial reporting are just a small facet of the services you may need.

Should you find that you also need assistance in bank financing or bond requisition, no matter which statements or documents are needed, we are prepared to ensure that all the specifics for your specific needs are met quickly, accurately and efficiently to keep your business running.