The testimonials we receive from our clients highlight the level of attention and integrity we offer every client. Our commitment to providing you with the highest quality service and excellent returns on your investments is our driving force.

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Thorough and knowledgeable for my business and personal taxes. I recommend Greg to all my family, friends and colleagues.

Michael Pasqualini

The Scotto & Melchiorre group is amazing I was directed to them from a friend after my previous accountant told me it was illegal to get my solar credits done. Wesley my new accountant assured me he would figure a way out to get it done LEGALLY and he did I haven't looked back since I would recommend them to anyone.

Michael Dolgos

These guys made transitioning from another accountant seamless. They were on top of everything from start to finish.

Brian K. Thomas

Greg is extremely helpful, Full of energy and always willing to go above and beyond to help me in the entirety of my business. His knowledge of tax laws saved me thousands and his expertise in Quickbooks got my small business operating super efficiently! Highly recommended!

Jason Mancuso

Greg and his associates are diligent and easy to work with. It is not always easy to trust someone with your money - I highly recommend Scott and Melchiorre!

Rebecca L

Great service and professional. Care for clients best interest and protect client assets.

Zicana Surfaces

I couldn't run my business without Greg! He helped me in every aspect from assisting me in setting up my business and registering it. He helps me make sense of the tax language that at times i don't understand. He is always there when I have questions about my finances and taxes! I don't know what i would do without him!! He literally makes tax time easy!

Chris Dawson

Greg Scotto is a tireless CPA. He is thorough and efficient. His ingenuity provides clients with honest creativity to access the nuances that the tax code permits. You will not go wrong by finding out how Scotto Management Services can help you.

Barry Laub

I have been a long time client of Greg's. One of his best assets is the ability to understand the needs of my company not just from an accounting standpoint but from my specific industry's point of view as well. I consider him an integral part of my team and an asset to anyone who utilizes his services.

Nick Valenti

I recently started working with Greg because I wanted to be better informed on tax laws and credits. I was not disappointed. He is very detail-oriented, knowledgeable and keeps abreast of all the new laws related to taxes. Email/phone call response time is very quick. Not only does he help with taxes but genuinely cares how my business does and is willing to give suggestions to make it run more efficiently and grow.

Marie Fischer

Wesley & Greg are incredible. Working in the hospitality industry (restaurants specifically) for over 20 years I've seen so many shady accountants and accounting procedures. If you were to write an honest report of why those businesses fail I'm sure that poor accounting practices would rank at the top, whether it's managing cash flow, budgeting or the all important tax issues with paying sales tax on time and properly filing tax returns. You can't just trust that to anyone as people wake up one day owing so much money that the IRS seizes their account and that's the end. As a multiple restaurant owner I have changed accountants 2 times before finding Wesley & Greg. I can say that they have helped us significantly in a few crunch situations over the years that have honestly made all the difference in how our business operates. They're always available and are constantly pushing the bounds of technology to increase access to data and analysis to better serve us. And their team is top notch, with David being my favorite, but everyone in the office is always kind and receptive. When you have financial issues with the bank or a vendor payment that wasn't received and now they won't deliver or an issue with a gas or electric company you can't wait days or play phone tag just to catch up to your accountants. These guys are on it all the way! I can't recommend them more highly.

Alexander LaPratt

Wesley Melchiorre and Gregory Scotto have handled my business and personal returns for several years and I have been absolutely thrilled with their results. They were referred to me by a friend and I'm very thankful for the introduction. Unlike most accountants I've worked with in the past who just filed my returns, Scotto & Melchiorre act as skilled business advisers often providing my firm with guidance on different opportunities that present themselves. I look at them as key members of my team and rely on their expertise as my business continues to grow. I usually don't make a move unless it has their blessing. It's also comforting that I know I can reach them easily. Highly recommended!

Jon Schulman

We're so happy to have found the team at SMG! For years, we worked with a glorified tax preparer who billed himself as a CPA and got ourselves into some serious cash flow and liability issues as a result. As soon as we signed on with SMG, they found ways to consolidate our debts, find financing, and set up payment plans. They're more expensive than what we were paying previously, and worth every cent. They also help give us a sense of our performance relative to our industry peers, and guidance for future growth. Highly recommend!

Allison Kave

For over ten years I have trusted Wesley Melchiorre as both my personal and business accountant. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

He and his partner, Greg, are building a great team at Scotto & Melchiorre Group. It’s been a pleasure working with them.

Eric Styles

We couldn't be more pleased with the work Wesley, Greg and their team do for our business. Professional, smart and accurate. Every time. Thanks guys!

TJ Lynch

SMG does all the accounting and bookkeeping for my hospitality group (Everyday Hospitality). It took me about 15 years and ten different accounting firms before finding a firm that was fully proficient in restaurant accounting. They are diligent and constantly showing us ways to save money... I couldn’t picture running our business without their support and constant dedication to making sure we succeed.

Adam Elzer

What an incredible firm. They have an outstanding team and have always far surpassed my expectations. Owning a restaurant the last thing I want to think about is my accounting. Wess and the team ALWAYS make sure everything is in order and follow up with me to get what they need.

Thanks for being so awesome.

Alfred Vitsentzos

Scotto & Melchiorre have been helping me with all of my accounting questions for years. I wouldn't trust anyone else, they always deliver.

Michael D’Angelo

I could not say enough great things about the Scotto & Melchiorre Group. From the moment I started to work with them, I knew I was in good hands. Prior to working with Greg and his team, I had a very unorganized set of books, but from the moment I started to work with them, the team, lead by Greg Scotto spend countless hours until everything was current and organized. They really took the time too, to learn my business and my business needs. So much so, they have helped me numerous times secure funding with creative loans and contacts they had, always making sure I was getting the best rates and protecting me from making poor lending decisions. It has been some time now since I first started working with them, yet they treat my business with the same dedication and care. Greg is a phone call away, and I am always astonished how quickly he or someone on his team is able to address my needs.

John G.

We have been working with David for a couple of years now, and are completely thrilled with our experience. David and team are friendly, responsive, and incredibly knowledgeable, not to mention the great work they do. After years of having unhelpful and unresponsive accountants, we are so pleased to finally have Scotto Melchiorre as part of our team of advisors. As a small business this is incredibly helpful in helping us optimize our financial operations and overcome our challenges. Look no further!

Matt Schaefer

I have been working with them since they started the firm, I have only good things to say. Responsive, Accountable and they have your back. Working with them on a personal and business level. I sent everyone I know to them and I HIGHLY recommend working with them - these people know their stuff and they are pros!

Rami Rosen

Highly recommend for over 25 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Denise Pugliese

Friendly, professional, and helpful. Will definitely recommend this accounting and tax consultants to everyone.

Linda Gossett Tessenholtz

They are the best place to get your taxes done!!!!

Petr Šmejc

First time with Scotto & Melchiorre and I had a great experience.They are very knowledgeable and professional

Rafaelina Alba

Talk about being in good hands! Couldn't be where I am today without the help of the Scotto & Melchiorre Group! Thanks Greg and the whole team

Adam Holtzer

First time with Scotto & Melchiorre and I had a great experience.They are very knowledgeable and professional. Steve Greenberg found a great firm to align himself with.

Matthew Gold

This is my 2nd year working with the firm. Very knowable and professional staff. I highly recommend them to my friends and family.

Lauren Nicole

Greg has been great with helping my business grow and giving advice to improve business statistics ! Good guy all around and highly recommend !!!

Joanna Fasulo

They are wonderful to work with. The Scotto & Melchiorre group is extremely knowledgeable. Their work is outstanding.

Loriann Elsbach Melchiorre

This was our first tax season working with them and it will not be our last. They are very knowledgeable and professional. I would definitely recommend them to my friends and family.

Diane Matuza

Been with Scotto & Melchiorre for about a year and a half and couldn't be happier> They are very knowledgeable with all my tax and finance issues. They respond in a VERY timely fashion which is extremely important and have the up to minute info on all tax and financial issues. I HIGHLY recommend them for all your tax and financial needs. Even if you are having tax issues they are the people to call to help you resolve them. They are a very professional and courteous firm.

George Rebolini

Had a great experience getting my taxes done tonight for the first time with this group. They took the time to we needed to explain the answers to all of our questions. I will be using them in the future for all of our accounting needs.

Ninfa Camera Foley