Wesley & Greg are incredible. Working in the hospitality industry (restaurants specifically) for over 20 years I’ve seen so many shady accountants and accounting procedures. If you were to write an honest report of why those businesses fail I’m sure that poor accounting practices would rank at the top, whether it’s managing cash flow, budgeting or the all important tax issues with paying sales tax on time and properly filing tax returns. You can’t just trust that to anyone as people wake up one day owing so much money that the IRS seizes their account and that’s the end. As a multiple restaurant owner I have changed accountants 2 times before finding Wesley & Greg. I can say that they have helped us significantly in a few crunch situations over the years that have honestly made all the difference in how our business operates. They’re always available and are constantly pushing the bounds of technology to increase access to data and analysis to better serve us. And their team is top notch, with David being my favorite, but everyone in the office is always kind and receptive. When you have financial issues with the bank or a vendor payment that wasn’t received and now they won’t deliver or an issue with a gas or electric company you can’t wait days or play phone tag just to catch up to your accountants. These guys are on it all the way! I can’t recommend them more highly.